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Traditional Divorce and Divorce Litigation



There are few areas of the law more difficult and emotionally draining for your family than divorce. During the process, you need a strong advocate that will protect you and your children financially and also provide you with education and information regarding child custody and placement.

There are many issues arising from a divorce that must be dealt with along with the dissolution of the marriage. Waukesha County divorce Attorney Linda S. Coyle will help you understand your rights and advocate for you in the such areas as:

  • Property division
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Maintenance (formerly alimony)
  • Family support

Attorney Coyle can also handle any issues that arise relating to:

  • Paternity
  • Modifying support
  • Enforcement of orders


Traditional and Collaborative Divorce

Parties have a choice as to how to proceed in divorce: traditional divorce proceedings or through the collaborative process. Attorney Coyle is experienced in both areas and can provide representation guiding your though these processes.


Traditional Divorce

Attorney Coyle is well versed and experienced in the area of divorce and divorce litigation. Divorce brings on financial changes that require protection and planning. Marriages with children involve the additional burden of child custody and placement decisions. Attorney Coyle will work with you to identify goals and focus on those goals throughout the court process. Her vast experience as a guardian ad litem in the Waukesha County court system affords her a unique perspective for her clients.


Collaborative Divorce

Divorce is the end of a marriage; often the end of a dream, however, it need not destroy the relationships created by the marriage. The issues of financial security and child custody and placement need not result in lengthy court battles. By use of the collaborative process, the parties can approach the issues of divorce in an amicable manner. Attorney Coyle is certified and experienced in collaborative divorce a process whereby the parties agree at the onset to cooperatively and creatively explore the issues of the divorce.To learn more about the advantages of collaborative process visit


Legal Separation and Annulment

Attorney Coyle can help you determine the advantages and disadvantages of legal separation versus divorce.

Attorney Coyle can also advise you if you met the legal grounds for annulment. If your marriage is annulled, there is no requirement for spousal support (formerly alimony), however, there can be issues related to property distribution. It is important to consult with a knowledgeable lawyer if you believe that an annulment may be appropriate in your case.


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