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Adoption / Termination of Parental Rights

Termination of parental rights may be required to protect children from an abusive or unsafe situation. The process can be a difficult one without an experienced attorney.

Experienced adoption Attorney Linda S. Coyle has practiced in the area of TPR/adoption for over 20 years both as an advocate and as a court-appointed guardian ad litem for the best interests of the children. Her experience provides clients with knowledge and support throughout this difficult time.

Adoption is one of the joys in life. Bringing a child into your life should be a completely positive experience and Attorney Coyle can work to ensure that any issues that arise are promptly and correctly addressed.

Attorney Coyle has extensive experience in all types of adoptions including:

  • independent adoptions
  • grandparent adoptions
  • special needs adoptions
  • foster parent adoptions
  • adoptions that are disputed or involve involuntary termination of parental rights.


Grandparent/Third Party Visitation

In today’s society, grandparents often are called upon to assist in the raising of their grandchildren. This bond formed between generations is strong and severing this bond can be heartbreaking for both the grandparent and grandchild.

Often times, family disputes break this bond between the grandparent and grandchild. Under certain circumstances, the laws of the State of Wisconsin allow a grandparent or other third party with a significant relationship with the child to use the courts to seek visitation with the child.



On occasion, a parent is incapable of caring for their child and the grandparent or other third party must petition the courts for placement or guardianship. Sometimes a parent’s ability to care for their child or children is compromised by drug use or mental or physical health issues. At such times, the best interests of the child may be served by having another person be the caregiver. Temporary and permanent guardianships are available to protect such children.

Attorney Coyle is experienced in the area of grandparent and third party visitation as well as guardianship and can help caregivers navigate filing for custody, guardianship or grandparent visitation.

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